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Vous pouvez me laisser vos commentaires ou vos suggestions. Ceux qui désire me donner leurs photos de mes papercrafts sont les bienvenues.

You can leave me your comments or suggestions. Those wishing to give me their photos of my papercrafts are welcome.

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  1. How do you do it to get those 3d models of the final fantasy characters? I would like to get Selphie from Final Fantasy 8 in her spell pose (that one in which she puts one arm up and the other down, and rises a leg)Can you explain me how do you get those models? Thanks! (And thank you for your models, they are so cool!!!)

  2. Hi, np!

    1. Check to have Cd of ff8 or the .Img file

    2. Copy\Paste the .img file on your desktop or computer...whatever ( maybe the .img don't appear when you put your cd in your comp. Use magic iso or a cd burner to extract the cd)

    3. Go on to download the lastest version of noesis.

    4. Just open it when you have it.

    5. If you look in the bottom you can search what file you want. Just get ff8 img container and find your ff8 file on your computer.

    6. Try to open it and it will ask you to export the file...choose your destination and export!

    7. Change your search for ff8 battle model (.dat).

    8. Search the exported folder and open each .dat you want ... I don't know why but we don't have all Guardians force :(


    2 methods:


    1.1 After that you can export the file if you want the model when it is on pause. ( file-export from preview- in main output type, choose .obj (Wavefront obj)


    1.2 If you want a pose like attack or have to do this :

    1.2.1 : You have to download 3ds max ( my method to do )....and you have to search a plugin for 3ds max : a importer for .psk and .psa . I can't write here where I get it because I forgot XD

    1.2.2 : Install on your computer 3ds max and the plugin. Open the program.

    1.2.3 : You have to go in : Maxscript ----- run script and choose Actor X Importer * the plugin *

    1.2.4. A window appear : you have to import .psk * the model and the .psa * the animation .

    Exemple : Save from preview a Bomb from ff8. You have to save the model file in .psk and the animation in .psa. Search from 3ds max your file to import.

    1.2.5. You just have to select the animation you want. You can play-pause when you want and you can select on the track in the bottom where exactly you want to save it :)

    1.2.6 File-Export in .obj :)

    I dont know if you'll get the selphie'spell pose, but thank you and good luck, because its been 2 years i didn't extract model from ff8, so i've forgot all about this XD!

    1. Hi! It's me again (the guy who wanted to get Selphie in her spell pose) I've had a problem while doing this: I could export the model from Noesis to 3ds max in format .psk and its animations in format .psa... but when I open it (in 3ds max) the model has no textures. And when I export it in .obj format and open it with pepakura designer, of course, it has not any texture as well. Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

    2. Hi, sorry the delay XD, i don't watch my blog too much... uhm for our problem, i really don't know. I would like to help you but it's been 2-3 years I didn't work on that. Sorry :(

  3. Thank you so much for your answer!!! (sorry for the delay, but I've been busy and I had forgotten that I had posted a comment here XD) When I have some free time I'll follow all your steps and I'll let you know if it worked. Thank you!