Final Fantasy 9

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  1. Nice black mage type A, I like your FFIX models, are you going to build any summon?

  2. I don't have any summons in ff9...i'm so sad about that... I've complete a pdo of Ifrit from ff8 and 45% are builded...but its very difficult to do :( I've planed to post a plant spider from ff9 soon. It already finish :P

    I've found Ramuh but I dont have any texture with him :( This is the only one that I've found !

    Maybe a summon soon...I'll check that :) ( OH and thanks to have posted a comment!!!!)

    see you soon !

  3. I´m working with some FFX summons and have foud a good software to reduce the polygons, I´m still investigating about the new program to work on it.

  4. OH :P I've started to work with ifrit from ffX in pepakura bit , he have too much of piece ( polygon) so I've stop to work on it !

    1. I´m using autodesk softimage mod you should try it, it´s very simple software, you import de obj file then select polygons and reduce polygons on the left menu and play with the commands to have a good result, then you export the model to 3dmax.